Wasting time

Hi. I need some help.
I banged my head several times about a year ago because I wanted to stop hearing voices in my head. It didn’t work, and I regret it because I think it made me stupid. I can’t concentrate or think as well anymore. Days pass by and nothing gets done. I get mad that I have to hear voices and that I damaged my own brain for no reason. I don’t have any close friends. I stare my day away because I can’t concentrate. I feel my therapist and psychiatrist is against me. I feel a lot of people are against me. What can I do to be more productive. I’m only 28 and I’m afraid I will become homeless because of my inability to be productive. What can I do to be better? How can I deal with my mental illness. Sometimes I feel very impulsive and waste time arguing with the voices or want to bang something to release the anger I have for hearing voices.
Thanks for listening!

I have these symptoms and I didn’t bang my head.

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I’ve tried to recover from schizophrenia by getting and staying as healthy as possible. And many other strategies I have in place. It helps some, and besides, I’m now 64 and still healthy and finding my schizophrenia is less troublesome to me socially!


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your shrink and therapist are not against you, but it is normal to think this , it is paranoia.
banging your head has not made you stupid, otherwise boxers would be retarded .
you can have a productive life with hearing voices, they are just voices negative or otherwise, you just have to learn to accept them , if i can do it you can.
i presume you are on meds, maybe if you think they are not working discuss this with your shrink.
i don’t do meds ( yet , maybe never ! ) and i still work…
it is possible to work but you have to find a job that can fit around your illness…
i have always done jobs were i am left alone/work by myself…
meditation, learning to control your mind ( after all it is your mind and your body !)
take walks in the country side a green space to calm your mind when you are feeling angry or low.
know that i care
take care



The problems that you described having to do with thinking and concentration are oftentimes a part of schizophrenia. Although I won’t say that it’s impossible that banging your head might have caused some damage, I think it’s more likely that the problems that you’re experiencing are due to your illness than to the head banging. That’s just my opinion as somebody who’s not a medical or mental health professional.

As far as what you can do to boost your productivity is concerned, I think that you need to look at your treatments and how well they’re serving you. Maybe consider talking to your treatment providers about what they think can be done about the problems you’re having with thinking and concentration. Another thing to possibly consider might be an alternative form of treatment. I was found to have a low vitamin D level, and even though it’s too early to say how much supplementing with the vitamin will help me in the long run, vitamin D3 supplementation does seem to be improving my concentration somewhat as of right now. It seems that a disproportionate number of people with schizophrenia have low vitamin D levels. There are also studies indicating that vitamin D affects genes that control for the synthesis of neurotransmitters and that vitamin D deficiency can increase things like inflammation and oxidative stress, both of which tend to be problems for individuals with schizophrenia. I don’t think that a cause-and-effect relationship has been established between low vitamin D levels and schizophrenia, but there is some reason to think that not having enough of the vitamin might play a role in the development of the disorder.

Anyway, as I said earlier, what I’d recommend doing more than anything else is talking to your treatment providers about the problems that you’ve been having with thinking and concentration, as well as your frustrations about not being as productive as you’d like to be. Then, if the solutions that your treatment providers suggest don’t bring about satisfactory change, consider seeking an opinion from somebody else.

I wish you luck in finding solutions to the problems that are troubling you.


I have to admit I waste more time these days than get anything done.
If I wait until I feel like doing something, it won’t get done, even if it’s something I normally like to do.
If I want things done I have to stop analyzing it and just do it.


It is angering when the voices want to get rough. I too used to get really angry and yell and punch walls. But my meds got switched up and the voices are still there, but as I’ve healed, they have gotten more mellow.

The lack of motivation would keep me still so the head circus would really amp up and that would upset me more and kill more motivation. You have to try and find an out let that isn’t hitting your head.

Paint, draw, write…

I’d say talk to your doc about the lack of motivation and maybe they can adjust your meds so you can get some control over this.

The stronger and more productive I became, the weaker the voices became. They are still in there, but the don’t have any of the teeth they used to.