Wasn't the alcohol, wasn't the cigarettes, maybe it was the caffeine?

last night got rough for a couple hours, i was probably manic but not enjoying it, had voices for a couple hours, so i layed on the couch and drank lots of water. eventually i came down and was feeling better. the thing is i haven’t drank in 4 days, and i haven’t smoked in almost 40 days, i was thinking i would improve when i got rid of those two behaviors, but last night was just as bad as any other time this has happened. the only thing is, i have turned back to coffee and diet coke throughout the day, i figure the caffeine will be the last thing to go for me, but that will take at least another month for me to give that up. so idk maybe i had too much caffeine yesterday, idk.

Could be a symptom of alcohol withdrawal?

Can be a week long of horrors

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How much did you drink the previous day four days ago

well im not an alcoholic i don’t think it is alcohol withdrawal. i typically only have 2 drinks a week. but the last time i drank, which was saturday i had 8 or 9 beers. i drank more knowing it was my last night of drinking.

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That’s binge drinking. Probably is the withdrawal from that. 8 or 9 bottles or cans??

Iv been drinking a lot more as well about four beeers and four glasses of wine a week sometimes more.

8 bottles, 12 ounce bottles.

I would typically have pints of lager every week, that’s up from two pints a month

Very easy to get an slcholoh problem with this illness. Be careful man, and me.

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I’m not drinking right now :joy:

yeah i started drinking more for a month after i gave up smoking. now im trying to quit drinking. which will be harder than quitting smoking, because ive been drinking for 18 years now, almost half my life.

did you try drinking caffeine instead? Better than drink

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Iv been drinking since I was 13, so 21 years


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Too much caffeine will do that. Try cutting the amount you consume to half and see how you feel in a few days

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Best solution when the voices become 2 much.

Helps me all the time, especially with a lil L Theanine or Phenibut in the mix.

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