Was Vincent van Gogh a schizophrenic?

Can you fill me in on this…I read his profile on Wikipedia but it mentions nothing of him having schizophrenia but other sites claim he has schizophrenia. I do know he cut his ear off but was this true; and was the ear cutting incident caused by voices

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Vincent van Gogh was thought to have a severe form of bipolar disorder, most likely type 1, the kind I have attached to my schizophrenia. Back then it was difficult to diagnose people accurately, more so then in present times.
If you ask me he probably suffered from schizoaffective disorder



Very interesting firemonkey - thanks for that piece of info

I heard he might have had lead poisoning which can affect your behavior. When he was crazy, he tended to eat his oil paints.

He cut of his ear for some women. And I heard the theory that his oil paints poisoned him and gave him symptoms much like schizophrenia.

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I read the other day that they think now - another artist who he had an argument with might have cut his ear off. But he never told anyone.

his art is beautiful, but there are alot of artists who never get discovered, and still suffer.
take care

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