Was under tornado watch but I rarely get scared by them

It hailed a bit and lightning and thundered quite a bit and it rained a whole bunch but I seldom worry about tornadoes. This time the rotation in the clouds went right over our heads but didn’t touch down. I’ve lived my whole life in Oklahoma and am used to the tornado warnings.

What’s the procedure when a tornado touches down? Lock yourself in the basement? Tornado, twister - these are foreign words to me. where I’m from we have earthquakes and at worst tsunami. I’m inland though so I doubt a tsunami would affect me I think. :sweat_smile:

If the tornado is as strong as it can get, like F5 winds of over 200 mile an hour winds you would need to go underground because a tornado that strong will destroy every structure that is existing in its path.

Yeah that doesn’t sound fun. I hope you never have to deal with that in the future.

You’d need to go underground before it hit F5! I’m glad you were okay, no damage.

@Kella, Here’s a good breakdown of tornado ratings with pictures of what it looked like in the aftermath.

The thing about tornadoes, though, is that they skip along, hit the ground for a bit, jump back up. A tornado can tear through your town and you might not notice it at all. Your neighbor’s house might be totally destroyed and your house not even touched. They’re very unpredictable.

We take cover when one is in the area, but usually, they amount to nothing.

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I am a chiken in front of extreme weather. Even thunderstorms could scare me.


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