Was trying to give away my home

The day my bro took me to hospital I noticed this lady crying and I tried to give her water and my home … wtf I thought she didn’t have a home and as I was leaving I thought I’d give her my mums house.

When I worked as a bellboy I told a homeless guy I’d get him a free hotel room to live in. I got his hopes up then I was hospitalized and started back on meds again haha

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I kept doing that in patient as well. Kept telling this lady I have a place for them to stay

i gave a dollar store employee an extra 20 bucks cuz my voices told me to do it. and i gave other people stuff as well. Oh how generous the voices were lol.

I also made loaves of sandwiches for a homeless guy that the voices said I had to leave for him in a bag. I honestly dont even know if the homeless guy existed. and I gave a loave of sandwiches to some guy waiting in line at a soup kitchen.


I used give away enormous tip like 100% when I was highly delusional and thought I owned the Latin mafia. To show my status and not to embarrass my wife that was a hallucination. “ pagar todo!” My voices would say whisper to me.


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