Was the other patient faking it in hospital

When I was hospitalised last year there was a guy the same age as me who was just arrived on the ward couple of weeks before I was admitted. I was manic and psychotic. I thought somebody had stolen my book ideas out my mind and made a film about them, they said I was having a mixed episode because I was very unstable one minute being very happy and then irritable. Me and this guy got on okay. He just got out off prison and the hospital was assessing him to help him and see what his difficulties were. He was homeless too. I think he got a buzz off my euphoric energy, he started coping my behaviour and would purposly wind me up, he started telling the nurses he was hearing voices and they asked him what they were saying and where they come from, he said inside his head but couldn’t give a good explanation what they were saying to him, He would ask me random questions about my illness. Obviously I don’t know what happened in his pdoc ward meetings but some weeks later they found him a place to live and he showed me the booklet and it was for a forensic hostel and he was discharged to it.

Do you think he was fishing for information so he could malinger illness or do you think he was genuinely unwell. Do you think if he was really unwell would they discharge him into a forensic hostel and do you think him hearing voices inside his head instead off outside without giving explanation what they were saying is a dead give away for malingering?

I don’t know if he was faking or not but I do hear voices sometimes in my head that I can’t quite make out what they are talking about, like mumbling. I also have a little girl that speaks to me “psychically”, no sound but I think the voice from her. But I do sometimes get the feeling that people come to this website to pick our brains so they can fake it for what ever reason, for attention, for disability money, to get out of trouble for their bad behavior, out of boredom. So it is a real possibility that he was using you that way.

I almost never tell anyone what my voices say, but that doesn’t make them any less real. However, I would be suspicious of his behavior, too. Especially if his being mentally ill lead to better treatment/placement than it otherwise would have due to the prison situation.

I wonder as well especially since he was asking about your symptoms and if you gave him some specifics and then he started behaving similarly. When I’ve been on the ward folks may ask a simple why are you here but generally they won’t grill you about the details. And most other patients can see what’s going with another person as time goes on.

In the beginning there were times I couldn’t understand what the voices were saying. I didn’t even know I was hearing voices.

I never concern myself with other people’s symptoms that I’ve met in a hospital setting. I’m concerned with my recovery, not theirs. As we say in AA, “work your own program.”

when my auditory hullucinations started i did not think they were all in my head as they say. if i thought that to begin with, oh, the trouble i could have spared myself. however, i do use that term now. i am not diagnosed as schizophrenic though i have heard voices in the past. the psychiatrist said people can hear hallucinations with other problems. Based on what your saying, it is possible he was faking. i have also met people who are very suggestable: seeing me stub my toe will make them have a cramp or shoting pain in the foot area. the doctors will find out and sort it out later i supose.