Was stressed earlier. Thought it was resolved but still have a stress headache

Mum had to go into hospital to investigate a shadow on her chest x-ray. Ended up needing a ct scan

Is resolved now and things are ok but I still have residual stress - mostly manifesting as headaches.

Stress is horrible. I try to live as stress free as possible but medical emergencies in loved ones are things you can’t plan for


I’m happy your mom is okay.

I completely understand the headache.

I get myself so worked up about stuff I’ll be shaking hours after the stressful event.

It’s not fun, @Jimbob

Hope it passes soon.


This past year I have been getting headaches, never before. I also think its stress. I think stress is very powerful.


Glad things are ok now.

Things like this can be very triggering

Maybe have a sleep and see if you feel better?

I usually find rest helps


Glad your mom is okay @Jimbob.
Sorry you are not feeling well.
Maybe when you get some sleep you will feel better.

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I’m glad she’s okay too. I went through the same thing and it turned out to be harmless calcium deposits.


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