Was scrooge sz?


he saw ghosts and apparently saw into the future etc,how could he not be? lol


I don’t remember that he saw ghosts ! he was obsessed with money that’s what I remember.


i like your sense of humour:)

joan of arc is a saint and she heard voices too


well Charles dickens is said to have sociopathic traits!
not that that has anything to do with schizophrenia just a thought.


what about that guy Noah that built the arc haha, i saw a film about him called Evan almighty haha and he must have been on drugs haha


Scrooge sounded anti-social. Maybe a little sociopathic . Yeah, he saw spirits,; not ghosts.


i’m sure i heard he saw the ghost of christmas past or am i dreaming?


Yes, you may be right.


maybe a lot of people had a form of hearing god’s voice in the bible,


the only voice i listen to is myself lol but ssometimes something tells me to do something and i dont know who or where that thought/voice came from and i guess that could be him.


I’m pretty sure Scrooge was an alcoholic who went through the DTs.