Was Rememberance Sunday Today UK

Rememberance Sunday mark the end of the last world war in the hope that it never happens again,

Wreathes are laid on memorials to mark the anniversary every year along with a 2 min silence.

So it was nice to see my Cuz today as he is a veteran and i picked him up after the parade, he was telling jokes about his time in the army but despite that has ptsd


Tomorrow for us. the 11th Month of the 11th Day of the 11th Hour


its usually the nearest Sunday to that time here in the uk we do the whole Parades and things for the soldiers and we have the poppy appeal which i gave to and that raises money for the veterans after they served.

I think tomorrow we will still have the 2 min silence but iā€™m not sure. i did look at the date and noticed its the tenth today lol

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