Was my psychosis diagnosis a misdiagnosis?

Are you still in hospital? Hope everything’s okay

No im not igot out last Thursday

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Time will tell , that’s all , i hope u recover asap

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But I need an answer

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It was long time ago when I posted this question

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It doesnt matter what you call it really. Better start fighting for what helps you recover instead of fighting against the diagnosis. It doesnt really matter if they call it overvalued ideas or delusions…Those are just man-made words.

You have a problem and you need to deal with it.

Do you know what lead to your problems, whatever they are called?

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I don’t know… thats why im kind of confused about this

I think you should aim your energy towards recovery. Not fighting against labels and things you cant solve.

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i will flag them because youre clogging up my threads with stuff i already know

I guess you’re right

Was there anything leading up to your problematic ideas or delusions (whatever you want to call them really doesnt matter) that you can change? Stress, trauma, drugs, social isolation, etc?

Maybe stress or trauma I don’t really know
I got bullied a lot ages 6-13 and I’m 15 now, the ideas started at age 11 from what I remember. Could be little bit earlier too

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I’m sorry I will stop okay

My actual mental age is 8 so it’s not very nice to call me that

Even an 8 year old can follow rules. I have a young child, so I’m aware of what they can do. I also have an autistic child. It’s no excuse for rude behavior.

You’re intelligent so I have higher expectations from you.

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It’s not an excuse, it’s merely a reason I can stop it ok

I don’t get why have these so called rules in place, the only rule I tend to follow is not to offend others. But I guess what ever you say goes

Actually it’s not whatever I say. I didn’t make the rule. I just have to enforce it. It’s my job.

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