Was it fantasy or reality?

A memory or fantasy of a young man screaming in pain makes me wonder if the buried past of WW2 is surfacing or if I’m just engaging in morbid fantasy. It seems real.


I’m curious about burred past of ww2 IDK what you mean
Sometimes you never know. I sorta wanna get a police officers camera and record everything and talk to myself instead of write as much.

Any wartime is a tense time and difficult to live through.

I understand that, I guess you were in combat in ww2 I’m glad I never had to fight but I regret not fighting because the d.o.d. would accept me had I not turned down the gods while I was a teenager

No, I was a baby during ww2. But German Americans and Japanese Americans were badly treated by Roosevelt.

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Okay then. We’re you ever in any combat? Or have you maybe lost memories of trauma where you’d be screaming? If not that, I’d say that it’s not a memory, there is no ww2 buried past, and you’re dreaming up some weird stuff pal

I’d relax and try to realize that it’s not important either way.

Having noises ringing in the head or trying to recur or find legitimate placement in distorting reality is common.

Actually, I was blaming prejudice as a doctor did burn my head with radium as a harsh treatment for an hemangioma when I was 10 months old. Usually, an hemangioma will just go away. That is probably the basis of my screaming idea. The scars still hurt today.

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