Was I unreasonable in this case?

The public records department had separate appointment options to record

  • 1 document
  • multiple documents

I had mistakenly made an appointment for 1 document but found that it was really 2 documents stapled together. so I cancelled the appointment because I assumed they would turn me back, and I will have made a 40min drive to that city for nothing. because I do not believe they will just accept a change of plans. and then I can just make a new appointment for 2 documents. my parents are giving me trouble over this

idk that would confuse me. i feel like 2 papers stapled together is one document. especially if they are the same idea. but im not sure.

Well, one is a deed and the other is a quitclaim. they go together but they are separate documents stapled together. I get from the wording of the website that they are stringent. they will cancel the appointment if ten minutes late, they charge for copies, charge for pages over 1, needed a mouse signature for the appointment, appt confirmation. just a bureaucratic feeling I get from their site.

if I show up with 2 documents for a 1 document appointment I believe they will turn me away and my drive and time will be wasted. my parents are rushing me for no good reason other than to feel good it’s over

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