Was high school a positive situation or a negative situation

For me, my high school days was very negative for me!!!

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Mostly negative. It was fun selling joints and cutting classes though. My freshman year sucked big time but each year got a little better.


I hated high school.

I hung out with people who called me ugly every day.
They also called me dumb and a wh ore.

At a few occasions they physically abused me even.

If I relived that time I would rather be alone than hang out with those people who treated me so badly.

It’s better to be alone or I might have found nicer people to be around.

I later had voices call me ugly 24/7 and I wonder now if it came from the bullying back then.

I didn’t fit in with any group.

My friends in onsala hung out with the bullies and now I think they were bullies too for hanging out with them and allowing them to treat me that way and they disrespected me.everyone did.

I wagged but by myself.

Hated those years n was really depressed and no one understood me and I would get ridiculed if I tried telling anyone I was suffering they would mock me.my step dad and girlfriends specially did .

I was also raped many times and sometimes I had bad disrespectful sex when I was drunk and other times it was full on rape.

I had a great time in high school doing choir and jazz band

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Mostly negative.

Intellectually i was bored to death, socially and “organisationally” (planning schoolwork, etc) i couldnt manage. I was lonely.

Student life was better. I found kind people and a hobby i loved.

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Why did you feel it was negative? Were there other times you felt it was better?

Both positive and negative
Positive - I loved art and English and geography classes
Negative - I had severe panic attacks and no social life

High school was one great big anxiety attack for me. I hated it.

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Highschool. Yes. School.

A Time to Wake Up. A Time to Ride The Bus. A Time (In The Dark as The Sun Rises), A Time to Go Through The Motions of Strange New Energy.

A Time to Have a Crush. A Time to Be Slightly Overwhelmed By The Girls. Not as a Prince. Not as a King. But That One Guy. The Guy, Some Guys Hated. And Some Girls Were Curious About.

Didn’t Bother Me None, In All Reality, Either Way to Be Honest. I Discovered Music.

Music Videos Running Rampant. For Me, Unusually Enlightening Positivity.

Although My Eyes Could See All of The Girls. I Found it More Enjoyable to Skip Every Class, Every Single Day. Although Sometimes, My Few Friends And I, Didn’t Have a Place to Stay During Business Hours. So We Would Ignore Everything at School While We Waited For The Bells to Ring.

I Actually, Now Get Thus, I Actually Had a Girlfriend. Although We Didn’t Talk Much.

We Explored Each Other’s Bodies Instead. It Was Confusing The Daylights Out of Me. And Her Too. But We Kept Our Relationship Bonded For a Little While.

The Days I Did Get On The Bus And End up at The Campus. A Few of Us Music Loving Fellows Would Walk Off of School Grounds to Smoke Cigarettes And Ramble On About The Videos We Saw Before We Got At School.

Sometimes Interesting Conversations Would Occur. But!, For The Most Part I Discovered I Had a Different Viewpoint on Individuality & Creativity. So I Wandered into The Forest, Alone.

And Picked up My First Beloved Acoustic And Electric Guitar.

Fell in Love With, Green Day, Nirvana, STP, Marilyn Manson, Radiohead, Alice in Chains, Mazzy Star, Tupac, And Many Others I Cant Remember Now.

N e Hoo.

It Was Kinda Positive, Cause I Never Went There.

Stay in School Kid’s!.


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It was okay for me. That’s where all the girls were. Couldn’t believe people actually dropped out. What else were they gonna do?

I loved my first high school, but I never did the fun things like prom and going to games.

Bvf…. It was negative for me because I had social phobia, and depression. I kept freaking out every class I took.

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I understand and empathize. I was a bit similar. I wouldnt freak out, but i would be depressed and withdraw from people out of social anxiety. Sorry it was like that for you (too). What helped you? Do you still deal with social anxiety? (I do, though i opened up a bit).

Negative but college and university were perfect.

Well, nothing helped me. Yes, but it is not as bad now.

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Im sorry. Good that it got a bit better though.

I had a friend who has social phobia. It can be treated, he takes Citalopram, it works.

Thanks, I even didn’t eat lunch…because I was afraid of throwing up in classes and at lunch as well. So I was physically exhausted…and I was mentally exhausted because of the anxiety.


That sounds hard…anxiety is very exhausting.

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Yeah, I remember my heart pounding every class I took.

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