Was asked to start work at 7:30am

So I have an upcoming therapy appointment on Thursday at midday. I asked my manager if I could have time off for it. I said I haven’t been sleeping great and it’s affecting my moods and concentration and making me slow …

I mentioned the appointment is for therapy to which

1 she said is this going to happen every week. I can’t answer that. But can try for a late appointment.

2 … she said to come in on that day anyway at 7:30am. It takes an hour to get to work so I’d have to wake at 6 and get ready to leave by 6:30.

Am I being unreasonable to say no?

I did it in writing this time to tell her I can’t and why I need this therapy ( as it’s supposed to help me cope with work )


I don’t know why I feel so guilty.

She may have to terminate you if you can’t do the job ( be there as needed and expected of everyone). Just be prepared for that. But don’t feel guilty for taking care of yourself. That’s exactly what you should do

Maybe but my contract clearly states I have to work 4 hours A WEEK to keep my job. I work 25 hours a week. Plus there’s students there who come to work every year once only to keep there jobs. So how is it fair she terminate me because I want therapy. It’s a government department and I disclosed this the day I applied. So I’ll take them to court not for money but for my job !!!

Also I’m not doing terribly at work she’s not complained. I just feel I am struggling and it’s making it hard for me

Well you’re right. You already disclosed it and you only have to work 4 hours a week. So if they terminate you, you definitely have a case.


Also, I never meant you don’t do a good job. I just meant taking time off. A lot of bosses don’t tolerate that. But you have a contract, so you’re good.

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I’m now thinking I probably need a break from all of this … it’s wearing me out if I lose the job I’ll deal with it then

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Your mental health is important. So if you’re better working, then work. But if work is too much right now, there’s no shame in that either


Ish it’s time to have a heart to heart with her and let her know you’re struggling. Let her know you’re needing an accommodation right now in order to stay productive at work. There’s no reason you have to lose you job just because you need some support right now. If she doesn’t want to accommodate your disability maybe she is evil and just needs to be written up by human resources. Go over her head if you have to. You have rights. You have nothing to be ashamed of. You have nothing to feel guilty about. You have a disability. They have a duty to accommodate you imo.


So when I spoke to her this morning I wasn’t comfortable with her asking me to start work at 7:30am for a few hours before my appointment. I mean didn’t she hear I said I was struggling with sleep and it’s been affecting my work !!! I can’t leave home at 6:30 to go work.

So I decided then that I got to put all of this in writing even my heart to heart. No one can then say I never said anything.


Also I’ve asked for a referral to occupational health she can’t go against their advise.


good, you’re covering you butt


I had to be at work at 730 in 2017 and the first part of 2018. I was late a lot. That was too early. Now I start at 8 and that extra 30 minutes really helps. I have only been late a couple of times this year. I would rather start at 9 though.

Good luck.

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competitive employment is well competitive.
If you can’t get in when they say, they’ll just pick someone else.

Yes they have laws but everytime I told an employer they just made my life difficult or watched me like a hawk waiting for something to get rid of you. They want workers, not problems and excuses.
If you want a nice employer do volunteer work until you can keep up with demands

They have to make money off you not cater to you, Sad but that’s just the reality of life.
No need to feel guily. They just need people at certain times and to work a certain amount.
If a job is asking too much, look elsewhere. Just stay cool so you can get a recommendation.

This worked for me, keep sz a secret, work hard to prove yourself so you’re just like everyone else even though we have our little secrets. Then you’re just part of the team and treated fairly.

I had a Therapist that could see me after work. IT may take a while to find one and then try working

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