Warrior diet

i think i am going to try the warrior diet, basically you snack on low calorie stuff like berries and nuts throughout the day than for dinner you have a giant meal eating all your calories at once, i feel like if i do this along with eating low carb it should be nice I want to lose some more weight but I feel like the weight loss is a lot slower when on meds and I see some people even when they diet they lose weight really slowly on abilify but I am happy with my weight I just want to find ways to suppress my appetite so that I don’t gain
there are alot of benefits from eating this way so i hope i am able to successfully do it

Dinner is not the best moment for giant meal and major calories input because during night metabolism slows and calories are stocked in lipocytes easily.


All these fad diets of yours don’t seem very sustainable. And eating all your calories at once can cause heart palpitations, as i found out last week when I fasted and then ate all my calories at dinner. Basically, your heart has to adjust for all the extra blood going to your digestive system, and it is scary. Since you already have heart problems, this doesn’t seem like the best idea for you.

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Good for you to be proactive on weight gain.
Would you keep us all informed on how it does for you?
It would be nice to know if it does work.

I gained so much weight since my Depakote dose was increased.
I have to start losing weight.
No more excuses!
Going to start myself on a strict diet and going to start walking again.
Being this Heavy can’t be good for my Health!