Warren Buffett and not buying stuff

Why does not Warren Buffett Buy new stuff at all? He does not even have an iPhone. He has a very old tv.

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why waste the money when you dont need the new stuff? he’s a known saver and save and invest most of his money

He’s a simple man with loads of dough.

I once read he drinks a cherry coke every day.

because he sees his job as to be an investor. Just because it brings in a lot of money doesnt mean its his. He said that he believes it belongs to society. Its one of those jobs that pays very highly because society needs it but it doesnt mean we can just be greedy when there is starving people. When he passes hes planned it out so that the majority of the money he has made goes to charity.

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He is amazing. I want to know what you think when it’s mentally difficult to use very old stuff when you have so much better to buy to improve life? He does not even have a mobile phone?

He only buys what he needs. That’s good advice for everyone.

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  • food
  • water
  • air
  • shelter
  • love

Money can’t buy everything you need.

True dat, but it can keep you warm and fed while you’re seeking out the things it can’t buy. Even harder to find love when you’re homeless and eating out of garbage cans. (Tried it, don’t recommend.)

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Sorry about that. :frowning_face:

My own fault. It was the consequence of poor decisions I made, and a good lesson to me for the future. Just gotta accept my responsibility for it and keep rolling. Hopefully not doing the same dumb things a second time.

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He does… he buys shares of new companys at a discount to its real value :innocent:

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