Warning signs of relapse

Something like this has probably been posted before but may be useful for newer members .


What warning signs do people here get?


I get pressure in my head like my mind is opening it’s probably just the feeling you get when you stop being stubborn.

That is how I feel all the time, all categories! Boohooo!

I think the reason you people think it is not real is you’ve not lived in my sense of reality for long enough, if you think these are signs of a “relapse”!

You are not the only poster here Daimon. It may be useful info for some/many posters, especially newbies.

My first sign is I stop sleeping or wake up every hour. My second sign is I stop talking.

“Daimons World”

like the old show Bobbys world!

Voices return, feel agitation and get aggressive self-harm urges. Also irritability, anxiety and depression. More need for sleep, less sociable. Don’t want to go out anymore, can’t cook for my husband, get mindstorms (when my brain has jumbled thoughts and explodes and goes dead). That’s about it!

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Good, important and useful information @firemonkey - thanks for posting

For me when I stop using my computer things start to go amiss!

Love the bike! lol

For me isolating was put as a warning sign which is kind of silly as due to my circumstances- no friends, no family near,- being isolated is the norm.
However it was written when I was going to the local resource centre and they might have meant isolating as in dropping off from attending groups.
The thing was when I had difficulties with attendance due to changes I eventually ended up being discharged from the resource centre rather than getting support to get round the problem.

I know I’m heading into danger territory when my delusional thoughts increase in frequency, life starts to become too much to handle, I start having trouble sleeping, start feeling like people around me hate me (I get very sensitive), I get visual distortion, (seeing evil faces in things, or seeing things as a scarier more threatening version of what they actually are) and start becoming more paranoid in general. Attention issues too, I get more scattered easily and can’t focus or remember.

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Mine is delusional thinking. Like thinking an alien took over my body and that I am no longer here for a brief period. Then it goes away.
Erratic moods. Intensive closed eye visuals. Extreme sensitivity to sound sight and smell

When you start to get this sense of an unique insight into how things ‘really are’, deep down beneath how things appear to ordinary people. It might not be articulated yet, but it is the sense that something deep is about to reveal itself.

Thank you for posting this. Very informative. This is a great graphic.

For me… the feeling fearful for no reason is every day all day. The hearing and seeing things that aren’t there… again every day, not all day any more.

Jumbled thoughts and heightened sensitivity to sounds, smells, touch… that’s a big one, also the decline in interest in people and activities is also one. That’s me sinking into my head growing flat and numb.

What cues my family is trouble speaking clearly.

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I would never know the warning signs, since it starts with false memories, and in order for me to know if those memories are true or false is to confirm with the people that are in my memories, i can confirm those with my best friends, but i cant conform it with strangers or with imaginary people. Even when i am over with false memories, all i can do is keep on telling myself its false even though i believe in it. I wish i didnt have this symptom. Its taking away all of my insight.