Warning may trigger PTSD Episode

OK so today I have a good sz day. Could actually focus on tv for a couple of hours no voices, just delusions.

Then a friend of ours wife dies from brain tumors and I’m now reliving my Mom dying of brain tumors and my ex husband’s Mom dying of cancer. I was the one who took care of his Mom until we had to call in hospice. I was too afraid of administering injectable morphine at home. How do I stop these images. Husband knows, can’t help or I can’t let him in enough. The timing really stinks cuz my ex husband’s Mom died Feb 13…


:relaxed: I feel for you paulissianna. it is hard to lose someone you care about.

here’s a cyberspace smile to you to help cheer you.

I’m sorry for your loss.

Does sound like there is a few unresolved losses to deal with still. I lost a few people in a very short time a few years ago and struggled with it immensely. I guess still am. I did find grief counselling extremely helpful and It’s a lot less invasive then most therapies. If you’re in therapy at the moment do mention it to your current tdoc as I’m sure they can help.

Most of it is remembering the persons life. Not just the pain left behind, Not just the last moments. Anniversaries, special events can be the worst for grief. Simple but effective is lighting a candle in memory for things like birthdays, Xmas etc . It might also help now for you.

Most importantly is let yourself grieve. We all do grieve in our own way But the stages in grief as you probably do know are.

  1. Denial and Isolation
  2. Anger
  3. Bargaining
  4. Depression
  5. Acceptance

Although wondering lately if there is more with people suffering with SZ or SZA. Try to stay connected to people and talking about what your going through and about the person\ the people as it helps greatly.

Again, I’m sorry for your loss.

Thanks for the smile…that’s just what I needed. :smile:

Thanks. I posted a video to remember her in a happy way.

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I do hope that you feel better soon, its got to be tough, hang in there @Paulissianna :grinning:

so sorry you’re suffering. Maybe praying would help?

@Wave and @jukebox Thanks. I slept a lot and that worked.

I’m sorry. We all get to deal with this as we age. It is life cycle. We have additional burden of the mental illness symptoms too so you will need to accept moving a little slower than some people and saying no to others if they are demanding. So many time, the social stuff except for a small group of friends is just too big a burden on us and better off just focusing on health, family and work …

Do some kind of art project tribute and put it away…You may not be ready yet. Wrap up all the paperwork, belongings, insurance, etc and handle it like a responsibility if you can, keeping husband’s wishes in mind whole way.

Don’t use the same doctor or radiologist if you want…Female doctors are better choice for female care and less creepy people. Switch to healthier life one thing at a time and try not to think about it. You can make a ‘happy place’ memory about all these people and think of it first instead of stressing…

Therapy can help but the social worker kind is very limited and really just gatekeeper/interventionist. You will find the self-help books to be better. Maybe journal to keep away the anxiety or try to write on a daily devotional topic.

Hope this helps. HUG!

@Stillperkin Yeah I stick to a family and a few close friends at times like this. I’ll try the project later, maybe, it takes awhile for my brain to figure out “what” to make.

As for the same Dr, don’t worry about me, I’m fine. It was my Mom ex motherinlaw and a friends wife that had the cancer.