Warning....if australian don't read...!

this english guy goes to a brain surgeon, he is ushered to a chair.
the brain surgeon says, " i have some bad news, you have a tumour , we are going to have to remove it, but we don’t know how much it has spread, we have to operate straight away !?! ".
the english guy is in shock, but agrees…
the brain surgeon says " the problem is this, we may have to remove 5% of your brain, this will turn you into a scottish person, or we may have to remove 25% of your brain, this will turn you into an irishman !?! "
the english guy is more in shock, but agrees some thing must be done.

the surgery is done , the man wakes up, the brain surgeon is standing over his bed with a concerned look on his face.
the brain surgeon says " i am very sorry, there was more damage than we thought, we actually had to remove 95% of your brain ".
the man smiles and says " no worries mate , she’ll be right… "
take care
this was my pick up joke when i met mrs sith, she was not amused…


Ha ha. How much of your brain has to be removed to become an American?


Haha, Daksith, I’m glad you are an Australian! This joke is very funny and it must be written by an Aussie!


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no comment…lol.
take care


Doesn’t it take a complete brain transplant? LOL

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I thought this joke was somehow founded on author’s geographical knowledge, so I went and referred to the UK map. Apparently the Scotland, Ireland, and England are about the same size…
So that 5% and 25% have nothing to do with the geography.

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