Warning from history take heed

I am being watched by the UK government because i know what there up to
there watching me i have seen them watching house over the road curtains drawn 24/7
there watching me making planes fly over the house to scan the house to know what am doing at night
they know i know
there planning something big the poor keeps getting poorer the rich get richer
soon we will go to death camps just like the jews and the mentally ill or disabled in ww2 new human rights law in the UK it will be voted for by most of the people who are rich mps the snp ,labour will not win the vote no rights no going back
you have been warned

The exact opposite is happening here in the U.S… especially if Hillary Clinton gets into office - mental health reform, smaller gov’t, and rich getting taxed more evenly while the war on poverty “begins”.

I highly doubt the UK has time to surveil you, man. You’re definitely suffering from a delusion. Gov’ts in the West are not out to hurt their people; such thinking comes from people who have limited to no knowledge on how Gov’t works & what they are actually capable of doing.

Mistercollie, take a look into Bernie Sanders. HE is much better than Hill.

I understand, but he is unelectable. He’s like the Ron Paul of today’s running campaign. I strongly believe in people like Ron Paul & Bernie Sanders, but the American people are too afraid to vote for such men.

I’ve seen the crowds attending Hillary’s talks. She’s a shoe-in because of all the support. There’s no defeating her at this point, so I’m just going to stick with what is realistic and keep saying she’s the “next president”.

it is only ’ real ’ in you imagination.
we have all thought similar things…we are ill :chestnut:
know someone cares :heart:
take care :alien:

If I had a nickel for everybody who said they like Bernie but he can’t win I would be rich. Even more importantly, if they all actually voted for him he would win. As far as the general, he is beating the republicans in polls whereas Hill is losing.

He also wants a revolution in mental health care. True reform is exactly what mental health care needs.

Sorry, but ever since the hype around Ron Paul back in the '08 election turned into nothing I’ve given up on voting for people lagging in polls. You have to be an educated voter - voting in connection to the rest of the voting populous, not just what you and one particular campaign’s supporters are hoping for.