Warning - don't change your meds like I did

They want me to bring in a guitar and be a guitars for vets representative to the ward for the mentally ill from war.

It’s a rough task they’re asking of me, I hope I can pull this off after my therapy.


If I was brave enough , I’d try meetup.com (not a dating site but just for meeting people with similar interests)


You would be great at that man! Music is the ultimate healer.

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JB I really put it down though, I’ve been abusing alot of substances and I quit smoking but it’s rough on me so far. TMS therapy is getting me to communicate more with people and tell them positive good stories, not the horrible body stricken ones that we try to forget lol. That is unless someone wants to hear about a negative time in my life, I usually don’t complain and don’t mention what it is that is driving me crazy.

Music has to help, and YOU should play some music and sing too!!!

Did you know that I own my own studio tamborine, and play tamborine for Tina Turners rollin down the river proud mary. Even though CCR really made it famous, I like that broadway paced dance version with Ike even in the band playing bass and singing bass. It’s just too bad that that man decided to get violent with that woman.

I’ve been in a violent fight or flight situation before, and I just hated the way I felt…and there really was no where to run-alot of it was hallucinations too just harassing and brow beating me all day talking shiat and nothing else.


My rTMS (repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation), doctor is a fricking fox man. I think she’s romanian, but what really impresses me is her sincerity and willingness to let me know what she’s doing and what’s going on. I mean it’s a given the woman is hot, but it’s not like that for me I just need the help and I’m a 300 pound white male who likes tina turner’s proud mary version…

Get what I"m saying JB?

I think Tina turner was foxy.

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Yes she was and still is…unless I missed a RIP which I don’t think I did. Ike beat her and she left and came out with (what’s love got to do with it?). Great 80s song and what a foxy lady, I don’t think anyone has even reminded me of Tina Turner…what a woman!

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my shrink wanted me to switch meds, I told him I’m not gambling with my mental health.

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Ohh Jimbob. Sorry you’re feeling so lousy. If you still are interested in lowering your meds, do it with a doctor. My doc had me lowering my amitriptyline by only 10 mgs at a time. I went from 75 all the way down to zero, but it has taken over two months. Withdrawal is still rough, but nowhere near what you’re describing. And definitely don’t try to change more than one med at a time.


Looking back on it it’s sort of interesting to see the changes in mental states that came with my meds and dropping them.

With Abilify, dropping it didn’t significantly alter my psychosis because it hadn’t been managing it that well anyways. It did however send me spiraling into a severe depressive episode and get me hospitalized anyways. When I dropped risperdal I had an immediate spike in symptoms for like a week, my thoughts were crazy and all over the place, voices were out of control loud and driving me nuts, etc. After a week it pretty much returned to baseline, so my symptoms were back to how they were before meds. Dropping latuda had a similar effect though I feel it wasn’t as strong.

Now I’ve been off everything for a while so I’m pretty much back to normal. My version of normal, anyways.

Overall yeah it’s a bad idea to mess around w your meds

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I messed with my meds it eventually landed me in the Psych Hospital twice over.

Moral of the story - Don’t mess with your meds :slightly_frowning_face:


hi Jim, sorry things havent worked out for you mate,

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Hey ninja.

Feeling a bit better having resumed the meds. Think will have to stay on this regime forever. I will just have to lose weight through hard work. No shortcuts.

I told my nurse about my med changes. She must have contacted my gp cos my Prozac has been suspended from reordering online. Suppose the nurse must have been concerned enough to notify a dr.

Is no biggie though - will just have to make an appointment and straighten things out. I am still lucid and acting responsibly.

Lesson learnt - no health care worker appreciates the patient ■■■■■■■ around with meds!


Hope you feel better fast Jimbob.

It’s terrible to not be level. I played with my meds too around Xmas because I wanted to lose weight but it was a disaster.

On the bright side at least we have meds that keep us feeling sane even though they have shitty side effects.

Sending you good vibes!

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Thanks for the reply @Pamito!

Yeah I will just have to lose the weight the old fashioned way - eat less and exercise more.

I had a doctor when I first got sick switched me from risperidone to fanapt and fanapt gave me all kinds of trouble but the doctor didn’t switch me back to risperidone.

That’s weird when I was on prozac I thought it was a sugar pill. I just stopped taking it with no ill effects.

Hey Jimbob, sorry to hear things haven’t gone well… I’ve been through citalopram withdrawal, it was hell, so I have nothing but sympathy for how crappy you must be feeling. I’m glad you’ve realised quite quickly what you need to do and started taking the meds again. I totally understand you wanting to have less involvement with the CMHT, but maybe you should let them know what’s been going on, just so they are aware if you need them over this next wee while. Really hope you feel better soon.

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Thanks buddy.

Starting to feel better already now am back on the meds. Have decided I am still going to go walking with my support worker - he is cool. I think only seeing my nurse once every 4 weeks will be good. I get nervous waiting in the house when she comes.

I worry the nurse is inspecting everything about my flat and kinda making observations. This makes me uneasy. But once every 4 weeks will be ok.


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That sounds like a pretty good plan, enough input to make sure you’re ok but not too intrusive. Really glad to hear you’re starting to feel better, and that you seem to have quite good insight into what you need to do, that’s good to hear.

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