Warm people make cold people feel sick

I don’t know who is healthier = cold or warm.

I’m usually pretty warm…not sure if that is a side effect of my Abilify medication or not.

Hon and I are constantly turning up/ turning down the thermostat in the house behind each other’s backs.


gf sleeps with a heat pack and 3 blanket when shes alone but only 1 blanket when im around cuz i heat up the whole room lol, i sleep with a thin blanket and air blowing at me :smile:

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I’m a cold person. I’m always freezing. Even in the summer time due to all the fans and a/c systems.

My wife however is a hottie. In more ways than one. She can roast in a room set at 74 degrees F., which to me, is a perfect temperature.

Is this temperature or type of person?


I thought people that were always cold had poor circulation, could be wrong I’m always warm too. It got worse with meds the last 2 years but now it’s almost normal warmness, I like it, I like being out in the cold and enjoying it, it’s invigorating.

I thought it was the same thing.

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