Warm banks in BritaIn

Britain’s inflation is going up, people do not necessarily have warm places to stay. So they have set up nearly 7000 warm banks in Britain. Energy and heating costs are so high that people do not have much food to eat and they must go to food banks. How did it all go so wrong?

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What screws most people over here, is the fact they are paying higher Tariff amounts cos they are on pre-payment meters.

So long as your credit rating is fairly decent - you will get it alot cheaper paying by direct debit on a fixed rate.

And some people lack basic budgeting skills as well, so they inevitably cock up their finances.

People are dying because they do not have enough money to heat their places, so sad actually:

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That’s so sad that people are dying from it. All those poor people, going cold to save money. :worried:

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