Wants and how to get it

I want to reintegrate myself into “normal” life and get use to dealing with stress and becoming a real estate agent.

Step one: don’t rely on CBD as much and just breathe (easier said than done)

Step one part two: start volunteering somewhere twice a week and slowly over a year increase how many days I volunteer.

Step two: study for any kind of test or anything for real estate.

Step three: find out how to get a real estate license and do that

Step four: find a job as a real estate agent

I’m giving myself three to four years to do all of this! I really want this!

Any suggestions?

What’s your wants and how do you plan to get there?


good for you…

I want to do an art show in about two years. I have to paint one painting a month to do it…I think I can do it…that’s what I want anyways.


Nice, it’s good to have goals!

I on the other hand… don’t even know what I want lol

To not go into psychosis again I suppose, so I guess I’ll just be continuing to take my meds. That’s what I want and how I’ll (hopefully) get it.


I want to save up $10000. I reduce smoking to five cigarettes a day and don’t spend any money. I pass time on the internet, read books, watch TV and exercise, that doesn’t cost anything.

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Those are great goals. I hope you achieve them. My goal right now is gaining skills through the intensive program I’m in so I feel more confident and less afraid all the time.

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My wants are having another baby. This requires regular sex lol

I would like to improve my painting skills. To do this I need to watch more tutorials and paint more.

Improve my memory. Don’t really know how to do this one

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So to be a real estate agent I’d have to go through two years of online classes that are no Pell grant eligible and I can’t afford that, on the other hand medical lab tech takes two years in the local college and is Pell grant eligible meaning I could afford it! I’d also be helping people

I found out a lab tech would need a lot of math and I have always had trouble understanding math but a phlebotomist is just technical school and is only one semester! Makes good money too!

Admire you challenging yourself.

My goals is to keep things simple - take care of my dogs. And keep my living space clean. Self care.

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