Wanting to be a hero

I always think about if someone pulls out a gun in a public place I would tackle them and wrestle the gun away from them. It really is a stupid fantasy. I’m out of shape and probably would be screwed if that ever happened. Then my fantasy is that I’m getting interviewed by a reporter and say something that mind control helped me or something. I don’t get why I think about that so often.


The savior syndrome. I have it too sometimes…


I’ve never heard of that. I’ll have to look into it.

I don’t know if I’m selfish, I also don’t know if my number one thing is helping others. Basically I just want to do what the Vikings did on the movie the 13th warrior. Just do crazy stuff like that because that’s who you are.

My bf (platonic) is a volunteer fire man.

He said he knew he had the qualities to be a good one so he joined.

He told me he does not get scared.

I find it terrifying but he said he does not get afraid at all.

It might be more difficult for some schizophrenic people to do such a thing.

I believe a hero can be found in little things aswell.
A coward can even be a hero by sending a nice link or making someone laugh ,making lunch for them etc
Sometimes a little thing can even be s life saver to some.
I am probably a coward mostly.
Except once my spirit was helping children in hospital get needles they were afraid but it was to help them get better.my spirit was helping children while I was battling cancer or that could be s delusion.

They do not get paid to be firemen but sometimes local businesses will donate money to the brigade and or shout them lunch etc

Do you do martial arts ?
They teach how to disarm someone some of them?


No I don’t do martial arts. I really need to get into that stuff. Thanks @SacredNeigh7

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I also dream of being a hero dude…


I work on saving my self everyday


Every day a good deed makes heroines and hero’s.
Living in virtues like humility, liberality, chastity, kindness, abstinence, patience and diligence.

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I have always liked helping people. With me being sick now it is super hard.
I got to do my own hero like thing and I volunteered on an ambulance for 6 years. It was a very rewarding feeling being able to help people in their greatest time of need.
Now that I am sick, I worked with a disability lawyer for a year that helped low income people get the help they need. It was rewarding in it’s own way. I hope to be paid some day working in employement or disability law.

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I want to be a hero but maybe I’m a villain.

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I have that fantasy too. In the shooting where congresswoman Gaby Gilford was shot, a guy had actually brought down the shooter, and that heroic guy was very nearly shot by a guy who had mistaken him for the shooter. Even though it isn’t as spectacular, it might be more useful to run around alerting people that somebody was shooting people, and guide them towards good escape routes. The great writer F. Scott Fitzgerald once said, “Show me a hero, and I will write you a tragedy.” My life is tragic enough. I don’t need to be more tragic.

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