Wanting someone to go away

I remember when my Freudian pdoc said “Maybe you’d like to kill your parents.” Little kids do not know kill but they do know going away. That doctor would have gotten a lot further with me if he had just said “Maybe you’d like your parents to go away.” But then, what did doctor ever do to think for himself. Yes, I would have liked my parents to go away = one at a time because I knew I was dependent. Preferably my father to go away as mine was not in the habit of listening to children.

Later in my life I have learned that the family is what one has, in the worse and better times. We all make mistakes, but in the end the family matters.

I have lost both my parents and have only my sister who I am quite close to. I think what makes some families so incestial is the idea that they have to stick together because no one else will accept them. This is where family ties get bad. Outsiders are also a need. I just have a lot of trouble with clinging doctors.