Wanted to hear from Zilija1

No offence zombie girl, but girls don’t have prostates… :pensive:
Anyways, I can’t reply to posts until 24hrs end, so I might as well say I like pork ribs deeped in honey barbercue sauce, it’s the best!
Also, the Netflix show #BlackAF is epic and unlike most Netflix shows, it’s worth watching.

Yeah, I also made a Instagram model my friend, didn’t think she’d care to speak, but I told her I was gonna win the lottery and do everything I could to make her my wife, and just like that she replied and we were talking. :grin: :rofl: I honestly didn’t expect her to reply but she did (PS, she has one of those uptipped nose​:nose:, so she a keeper if I ever do win the lottery :joy::joy::joy: Last message she sent was her telling me she’s trying to improve her content but she still can’t hire professional photographers… But I haven’t brought myself to reply to her because I remembered the story of the elf who made a woman who had no interest in love to fall in love with him, then he later left her to marry another woman, so the woman he left in jealous rage shot him with an arrow - killing him, and then went on to merge herself with a tree out of rejection for man’s love. Like the story made me realize I shouldn’t try make her love me because, well, Let’s be honest, she fine but I won’t win the lottery anytime soon lol. But honestly, just realized it’s a waste of time coz we’ll never meet … so I just broke contact and didn’t reply back

Plus am like down low … Lol

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