Want to study in the future!!!

hey guys, I have schizoaffective disorder manic type.
In the future i would like to do some successful study.
I can’t just can’t figure out if there are any medications
that can help someone with ADHD problems and schizoaffective at the same time?
I have heard good things about abilify for cognitive function.
But i wonder if Ziprasidone can be better for someone who has a mental illness a long with ADHD.
I seem to sleep too much or too little right now. I don’t know if abilify would make it impossible to sleep.
Ziprasidone doesn’t block the effects of venlafaxine or strattera i don’t think.
But i don’t know if it’s safe to be on that combination. abilify blocks norepinephrine.
I really need some guidance guys. My doctor gave me a choice…
Ziprasidone or abilify. I really want to be successful in my studies.

I used to be on abilify and straterra. It worked well for a little while.

I am going on the " ABILIFY MAINTENA" it won’t work with that one.
I don’t know about ziprasidone tho.

It is really an individual thing. I’ve been on Aripiprazole (Abilify) and it didn’t work that well for me, plus it made my depression worse. I currently take Ziprasidone, along with Clozapine. Ziprasidone is good for not putting on weight, and i’ve found that i have little to no side effects on it.

You should trust what your pdoc says. Ask them about all your options, the pros and cons of each option so that you can both find something that will work well for you. What works well for me may not be so good for you. Just work with your treating team to find something that works.

Ask ur doc what it will probably work better in terms of sleeping hours. It’s important not to sleep to much, to me abilify works. Good luck with the studies :wink:

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No official medical advice!

I think a therapeutic dose of quetiapine might help, it’s not too heavy and leaves your system quickly. You have to ask the doctor, you have to stay at a dose which stabilizes your mood.

I think it is likely over 300mg.

From mood stabilizers, I think…lamotrigine.

I think, if the doc okays it, a stimulant for attention related symptoms.


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No official medical advice here.

What works for you might not work for me and vice versa.

I think every atypical antipsychotic is a heavy duty medication, though they all sat differently with me.

Balance is important.

The most important thing for me was to articulate “attention!”, “memory!”.

That way my doctor knew what my issues were.

Every doctor I had said no to stimulants.

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Adhd meds increase dopamine and anti psychotics block dopamine. Your med situation is pretty complicated.