Want to start over

I want to start all over again on a clean slate. No psychiatric knowledge, suck it out my head. No more meds no more psychiatric history. See the real me not the fake me. No more lies and hypocrisy. Just me new like a fresh baby born free.


It’s a beautiful thought. I wish I could have some of my memories burned out from my brain

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I feel dysphoric, unrestful, agitated, that’s why I want to start over

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I feel like everything is a lie. I’m so scared because I could have lived a lie

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How are you @Hadeda ?
Why you want No Psych meds/care ?


It’s not that I want no psych care it’s that I’m scared I don’t deserve it because I made everything up and I want to start fresh so that I know I’m telling the truth. I have always wanted to but I’m scared that I didn’t

Where I live, it is easy for me to choose amongst many counselors whom I want to see. It may not be the same for you.

Maybe part of the problem is your unhappy marriage @Hadeda

I would seek out counseling for yourself.


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