Want to start fooling with designing homes again

I put a lot of houses on the ground back when I worked as a residential designer and I never developed use of CADD aided drafting. I always worked on a drafting board with a parallel bar. I am going to start sketching floor plans working with elevations at the same time and see what I can still come up with. Just a dream home for myself should I ever win the lottery. haha…doesn’t hurt to dream right?


Would buying a cheap run down old house doing it up then sell it for the profit suit you? Would be at your own pace. If you know what you’re doing you can make a good living that way.

I don’t have the “know how prowess” to physically redo a house. I could really help someone who does that though.? My best friend used to do that but he was killed on the job when he came across a mis wired 220 outlet against a washer. horrible thing in my past. anyways, you have to be careful doing that stuff. Devin was a dear friend and I miss him dearly. I don’t think much about him because it was so sad.

Sorry about your friend also didn’t mean to bring up bad memories.

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dude, I have lost many friends by death. it’s o k. I meant to keep this thread light hearted. Devin is in a better place, so it’s not that sad. I just miss him is all.

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Sounds like a great idea juke. Put that brain to work.

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I used to love doing making homes in those sims games. Would entertain for hours

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I like making homes in the sims games too. It’s pretty cool you know how to do it for real!


Sounds like fun. We remodeled our h.me, It has the old dark wood ranch style design. We added rooms, tall ceiling entrance dome with stone, travertine floors and an island kitchen. Plus other stuff, but it was good times.

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Are you a gamer by chance? You could build homes in the Sims 4 if you want more than just drawing. It’s just an idea. I love playing the sims 4 but I hate making up floor plans for their homes…I like decorating the homes, just not actually building them, would prefer to just have a house ready for my sim to move in. I know they have homes pre-built, but they’re always so small, and I have problems with downloading them because a lot of people use custom content and it doesn’t download into my game…anyway its just an idea. I always thought of the sims as like a virtual doll-house game. I used to play with this doll house my grandmother had up in Chicago, I always wanted it but some reason when she passed and grandpa was moving out of the house he gave it to my cousin instead.

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My brother used to design homes. Now he designs industrial control structures. He works with AutoCAD all the time. You should try to get a copy, it’s some sweet software.