Want to see some bizarre fish?

I think you’ll like this.

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that one eyed cyclops shark is a really interesting looking fish

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I’ve seen the cyclops shark before…

I’ve caught a few of these in Alaska…

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The Rock Cod we caught when we went deep-sea fishing off the Half-Moon bay coast look somewhat like that. Except Rock Cod are brown.


I like the stranger fish. They really are interesting.

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Hmmm… I think you caught a Ling Cod…sometimes called rock cod, but also Red Snapper/Rockfish are called rock Cods. Those are red. Ling Cods are brown… I used to work with all these fish in the Northwest…very tasty too!

This dude has Ling Cod on left and Rockfish/Snapper (Rock Cod) on right

Ling Cod

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Skates and Flounders? Skates are the hardest thing to unload from a fishing boat because they are packed in flat in the hold and are like giant suction cups trying to yank them out of there…
I never tried the skates but used to catch flounders and soles from the harbor and eat those…

Skates have a funny alien face I think…

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Yes, those Ling-Rock Cods were indeed tasty. We rented a boat and the deckhand helped everybody tie hooks on their lines, bait them and untangle the lines during the NUMEROUS times that we all got our lines crossed. My ex-brother-in-law sponsored the trip it was my family and his friends, about 8 of us. We all caught our limit and had a good time. I was just thankful that I didn’t get seasick as I’ve been known to get carsick and also I heard seasickness was twice as bad.