Want to scream obscenities and insults

Hello all,
When I am outside around people I have this impulse to shout sexual things or insults. I have no control over my mind. It feels like I need to shout things for relief, like having tourettes. it is very distressful. Medication doesnt help. I’ve spoken about this with my nurse practitioner. She doesn’t know what to do for me. Would it be that bad if I actually shouted things out loud?


You can’t just scream sexual things or insults.

You should push your NP to try something new for you.

If she doesn’t know what to do, I would look for a new provider.


I wouldn’t follow through on those urges. If you can’t shake it, is there the possibility of waiting till you get home and releasing the pressure?

It sounds like it might be triggered by social anxiety. Maybe that’s a starting place to talk to your nurse practitioner

Best of luck, whatever you decide

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I had the same urges as you when off meds, I did them and got in trouble, caused family problems too. Now on meds these urges didnt disappear but are reduced by 90%. Also since increasing my risperdal from 4 to 6mg, they became weaker. I am pretty sure it has to do with OCD + SZ as I showed symptoms of both off meds.


Maybe try a higher ap dose or another AP. Also OCD meds might help. Talk about these with your Dr.


Yeah. I kinda get intrusisive thoughts like that even on medication but would agree with previous statement. Might be time to try another med.


My mother wants me to work pt so I can get an apartment. I lost my apartment through public housing because I didn’t move my furniture in and wasn’t living there full time. I keep telling her the job is not going to work out with the neurological issues.
I am on Risperidone 2mg but that doesn’t help with the urges. I used to be on 4mg but they made the anxiety worse. I am going to speak with my np. If she isn’t willing to try other medicines I will look for another provider. I have been with her two and a half years. I should be able to fully function in society by now. I am isolated from others because of this. I only go out for appointments or necessities. I can’t even go out for a walk without being anxious and distressed.

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Depends on how much you like having your social options and personal freedoms curtailed. I wouldn’t advise this. 50% of my day is the fight to use my inside voice and not tell people what I actually think of them. Or what I think should be done to them.

Thats a low dose. Were these urges less on 4mg?

It seemed to make them worse on 4 mg.

Hmm then it might be OCD. Did you tell your Dr about these urges? If not, tell him asap

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I agree with @anon54386108.

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