Want to get off my 10mg abilfy

I’m looking to get off my 10mg abilify I’ve been on it since April. The Drs found out i had swelling of the brain called encphilitus which was causing all my symptoms when they thought it was schizophrenia. Apparently abilify is also used off label for swelling of the brain. And the dr said best to stay on it for 4 or 5 years now that the swelling has gone down but I want to get off it I’m better there is nothing wrong with me I function normal. I’m only on 10mg of a morning have been for a while. That’s the only medication I take

You can discuss it with your doctors.
Good luck!

If only it were that easy the public psychiatrists doesn’t want to have anything to do with me anymore refuses to see me. And my gp doesn’t know what’s going on. Apparently I don’t qualify as mentaly ill therefore can’t see a dr.

Can you see a neurologist or neurosurgeon?
Encophilitus is serious.

I live in a country town there’s no specialists. I think some come to the hospital on occasion I might ring up and see if I can see a public one that might drop in to the hospital.

Yes please do.
Swelling of the brain is serious.

Good luck and keep us posted.

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I just started Abilify for the second time. It is supposed to be a mild Ap with minimal side effects. 10mg is a fairly low dose. I take 30 mg.

Yeah the Drs misdiagnosed me as schizophrenic when I really had as I said swelling of the brain that were causing my symptoms like pain in my head and odd behaviour and acting out. So yeah I don’t have anymore symptoms I am symptom free regardless of maybe a bit of flashbacks to when I was sick and the pain I was in because it was like my head was on fire and I was telling them this and they didn’t understand. I never herd voices or anything and they thought I was it was horrible.