Want to get a wormery for my garden but worried I won't have enough food waste :(

I hardly have any food waste, just a few tea bags, not even enough for a compost heap really, but I want to get a wormery, not sure what to do.

So my wormery has arrived, I need to set it up in the garden.

Do you have neighbors? Maybe you can ask them to donate their trash to you! I don’t think I’d be opposed to something like that.

Why do you need worms? Nourishing the soil? Fishing? Curiosity? Pets?

Of course - you need worms to decompose matter and make fertile soil, stupid question.

Maybe you could go out to a farm and ask the farmer for a little manure and hay, and anything else he has that is compostable. He might charge you a little, but that is much better than buying it in a store. You could mix some straw and dead leaves, and maybe some grass, and you might have a thriving wormery for your garden.

What does a wormery look like?

I think its like this, from Google wormery:


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Today I learned that there is such a thing as a wormery. That is cool.

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