Want to be a Writer?

Want to tell your story completely anonymously? i have a blog (also called “Treasures from Darkness” and I’ve been wrtiing it for 5 years…I’d like to put some fresh blood into it and thought it would be GREAT if some of you would write up your story or about any topic of SZ…treatments and how effective they were or were not. What you struggle with most. Would you like to see a return of institutional care in the US (or where ever you live) Please pm me…if you are interested. Don’t worry about spelling or punctuation…if it makes the story hard to read, I will correct it.
I know that lately my blog has a lot of articles about my faith but I originally started the blog to educate the public and if you search my blog for “schizophrenia” you will see a bunch of those earlier articles. I will protect your identity…you can use a pen name or just write “anonymous” If you DO want to use your real name you may do that.
I’m very excited about this…I hope some of you will take me up on it.


You can expect a message from me in a couple days!

GREAT!! I think it is a great idea. I hope you enjoy doing it

Hi, how long should i aim for?

do you have a line or word count in mind?


that’s a good question. I never do word or line counts. i just write until I’ve said what i have to say. Maybe 1000 words would be about as long as it should go but if you’re a little over, it’s ok

Also i want to note that I cannot offer payment for doing this. it’s just a favor you’re doing me and maybe something fun and meaningful that you do for yourself.

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Today I posted the first of my guest writers. The name she used is an alias. Stop by and read her story and you are welcome to send me your story also. Or write on a topic relevant to SZ such as the quality of care for the mentally ill; how having sz has affected your life; whether or not to be married or to have children; Your faith (or lack of it); what are your hopes for the future or how would you define recovery and are you working toward that?

I just ask you please no swearing or disrespect toward the beliefs of others.

If you want to write a post. PM me and I will send you my email address.