Want to adopt someday

My boyfriend and I have talked a little bout adopting after he gets out of collage and own our own house and are doing good! I’ve always wanted a child but after my dignossis I through the thought of having a child to the side. Now I have hope!


Do you want to adopt a 46 year old male? I’m already house broken.


Lol sorry no we want someone a little younger.


I wonder how adoptive services look upon those with MI like us? I hope they give you a shot at adopting.

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I’m pretty neat and clean, I’m fairly quiet. I don’t have pets. I do like use the stove every now and than. I’m affectionate and dependable.

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The only living creature that I would adopt would be a dog from a high kill animal shelter.

Lol naw we want a real baby/toddler

I’m pretty sure college is spelled college and not collage

that’s a good start nick.

i think it’s harder than that though, like the adoption can’t be done unless you meet some financial, ethical, and mental requirements. I remember someone on this forum had a hard time getting an adopted child because of a mental illness.

the country, where I live in, is very sensitive about children.

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