Want a more positive outlook

Wow, that’s so inspiring! I am experiencing psychosis. It’s making me not want to work or go to support group or even do something fun most of the time… The doctors don’t want me to change meds knowing that I had to take a break from work and everything. I guess I’m ok with putting up with symptoms till I do get a med change. If I were really stable, I’d like to work part time in education and attend support groups so I can see friends, and get back into going to the gym. But I don’t think I can do that right now.


My boyfriend bought Alita: Battle Angel and wants us to watch it together sometime. I really want to haha, we just kinda get sidetracked. Rather often. But it looks good!

I know I’d prefer to stay out of fast food if I can help it. My last job was fast food and I felt so slow to learn the job compared to everyone else. I was made to feel inferior, too, because people have no patience. It was an all-around toxic place and I’m glad to be free.

I don’t know what I’d most like to do, to be honest. I’ve never felt like I was that good at anything. The whole lack of motivation thing definitely plays a role here.

May I ask what kind of work you do?


@anon62973308, maybe you can try and do some walking or exercising yourself and then see if your confidence levels change in regard to getting to the gym. I think its important not to be isolated to much, but, I do understand where you are coming from with everything. It’s a lot of stuff to juggle or handle.

@antidepressant044, sidetracks are good :slight_smile: Alita is worth a watch when you can, especially if your boyfriend bought it. It’s good that you know what you don’t want to do. Don’t be discouraged if it takes you longer than some to learn things, that’s how it is and sometimes you will end up having it more fixed or understand it at a deeper level than people who appear to learn quickly. As long as you get the job done, that is the main thing.

It’s hard to not compare ourselves to others, but, its not always the best idea for our mental health or well being. We are all different and have varying strengths and weaknesses… that’s what makes life and living interesting to Me.

I am in financial services sector. It’s fairly boring and repetitive, luckily I have been doing it a good while now and its a decent company and I am well paid. I have to keep the latter in mind a lot as I am paying off a home loan :slight_smile:

I more or less fell into this role, I used to do web design when the internet was fairly new, I worked for myself and surfed a lot. I really sucked at surfing, but, kept at it and eventually got fairly decent. I could do the job, but, struggled to make ends meet… found it hard to keep the work coming in regularly.


Thanks, you take care and have a good holiday when that arrives for you.
I am doing some walking in the dusk time so that’s nice, and I also go to day treatment once per week.

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It’s a rather stubborn flaw of mine to compare myself to other people, especially people who are, by all appearances, more put-together mentally.
But I do still try to remind myself that we all have something going on, and perhaps other people unfavorably compare themselves to me, too (hey, as long as we’re talking hypotheticals :p).

I’m wondering if an aptitude test might point me in the right direction. I know they’re not to be taken as law, but I’m looking for any guidance I can get at this point.

Sounds like a good and stable job. :slight_smile: Also sounds suited for your abilities. When did it start to get repetitive? Any chance of moving to a less repetitive position?

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Hi @antidepressant044, I think its hard not to compare ourselves to others, but, I think we need to be careful not to be to critical or do it to often than is healthy for us. I used to compare myself to my brother a lot as he was pretty much a father figure and role model to me when I was growing up. I figured out eventually that we are different people and make different life choices. We have to do what makes us happy even if others think it unwise.

An aptitude test might be worth a try, maybe try a couple and see if there is any consistent recommendations.

My job is good and stable, it got repetitive pretty quickly… it’s just the way the job/role is. I have a lot of change coming now so it is evolving somewhat. I might be able to move into something else at some point, but, i’m content for the moment.

@anon62973308, the walking sounds great. I try and get a few walks in throughout my day to get out of the office. I find it difficult to do throught he winter with the short days, but, have no excuses in the spring and summertime :slight_smile:


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