Wanna learn digital sculpting?

I’m game and I hope others will be too. You can do it for free using a program called Sculptris. Sculptris may not load if you have Windows 10. Another non-free program called ZBrush will be needed then. Both programs are made by the same company(Pixologic).

@Winterblues has already downloaded Sculptris and will join this thread. I am using ZBrush 2018 since I have Windows 10. All forum users can use the link below to download sculptris and in this topic we can post our work and also help each other out when we get into trouble with the art or programs. Hope to see ya here!
Get Sculptris and here’s a sped up version on how to draw a fancy human skull in Sculptris.

I also recommend these videos for noobs to digital scultping.
Just watch the first video for a start and then jump into the program. You can watch the remaining videos once you are ok with the basics of Sculptris.

Here a pic of a simple elephant model I made in 2 hours after learning the basics. Learning the basics as a noob took me at least a few days but I think it was worth it. I only used the grab, smooth, mask and draw brushes to do this.


@Vasu_Devan1. Please don’t suggest people use pirated software. That is illegal. I deleted that part of your post.

@Winterblues If you find sculptris somewhat limited, there is a completely free 3d app called Blender. It has, I think, more features than Sculptris. I used Blender in sculpt mode to make an elephant too. Blender also has support for regular vertex modeling and even movie making. There is a lot more support for Blender than Sculptris in Youtube.

get blender here
In this demo reel a guy shows how he has improved in Blender.

This is a scimitar I made in Blender about a year ago. I’ll have to relearn blender now since I’ve forgotten so much. No problem. Blender is great to work with. Its been used to make commercial movies.


This single video on YT contains everything you need to know to get started sculpting in Blender.

A little research showed this faster but less specific one on Blender.

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