Wanna know what gives me hadron?


Looking to start a group that is all about science… hard verifiable evidence. Those who truly understand and abide to the scientific process. Those who know that when proven wrong the right thing to do is change the mind and move on.

I’ve got a few folks in mind, but this is a voluntary thing.

It goes beyond theism/antitheism… it’s about physics and neuroscience and what is possible. Refining our knowledge of the limits of this universe so that we might further cement a safe reality for our schizo minds to inhabit.

Surround yourself with those who are walking the same path.

all are welcome… pm or reply here

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What? I came in here for an argument!

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The essential thing the scientist has to keep in mind, however, is that 1) evidence is usually about tendencies rather than absolutes and 2) one will have to accept irresolvable ambiguities and conflicts. And since most of us come from a culture that asserts that absolutes and complete resolution of conflict can and do occur (to make us feel “secure”), one has to remain mindful of the cultural distortions of what is into what is not.


That does vary from field to field… Physical sciences are typically very refined and generate consistent mathematical constants and formulas.

Regarding other fields though you are absolutely correct :smile:

Because most (all?) of the “physical” sciences are dealing with fewer and far simpler and far more defined variables than is the case in say, psychology? (My answer to that would be, “Bet your sweet @$$,” but others may see it differently.)

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Yeah but I try to reduce the importance of human irrationality stemming from incomplete evolution and incompatibility with modern society… Which is what most of those sciences are trying to pick apart and learn to resolve… meanwhile I just try to ignore it and keep focused on the fact that I am made of atoms. The noise in my head and my impulses even my wishes and desires are pretty negligible…

For my own purposes… it’d be nice to interact with people who also come from that frame of mind. I think it would alleviate the incompatibility with society issue for me… or at least help me cope.

I’ve kept my eyes peeled and ears open to that for quite some time. Some I know are indeed more disposed to rigorous empiricism with pretty good reasoning proceeding therefrom. But over time, I see that all who self-observe will – at some point (and quite often) – see how our cultural conditionings hijack our empirical observations in the service of proving their unconsciously accepted beliefs.

Sigh. (And… it’s just the way it is.)

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Yeah, it’s just an ideal. Some people give it value though. It would help me refine my self perspective and my own biases for analyses… like this anti-jungian/Freudian perspective I noticed within myself earlier. Just out of none of it seeming well founded. It’s like day dreaming about the mind.

Still realizing I didn’t know ■■■■ made me take another look.

I’m for science

I just presented my thesis at a symposium, it’s in psychology.

Science is cool. Like Bill Nye


Yeah you were one of those people I had in mind.

Hard science, cut throat, live by it.

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Count me in.


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Can i type the really really big words in my native language? That’s a joke- :smile: 'm in

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