Wanna know something sick?

So I was probably the first person to take Abilify. She’s like, "Oh and we have this new medication called Abilify, it was just introduced, and since every other pill of the seven antipsychotics we gave you at once haven’t worked because we’re overdosing you, we’ll try this one.

It seems you are rushing.
I don’t know it is good or bad.
I am not young anymore.

How do you find it though? For me I am so grateful for its existence.

You’re probably right. I feel like I’ve got so much ahead of me, but I need to get things together. I’ve had a terrible ear/cold and then I took melatonin and vitamins to help me sleep, which made me get manic and now I’m an emotional wreck. I just want to be more than who I am. I want to be more than someone whose fragile, disabled, etc. Although, I know I could work it’s just that I can’t find a job. I’m afraid of being harassed at work, I’m scared of social situations, and I’m also upset because I’ve never been able to find a job at the boutiques in town where I live, but everyone else can as if they’re the best at everything. I’m getting really bad anxiety too. It’s hard also to build up the strength to work in this small town with nothing to do for fun on the weekends, and then have few friends I can talk to, then also breaking up with my boyfriend who I’m still confused about, and then I am having issues because one minute I’m ok and the next people are trying to set me off and making it out to be my problem. I just feel really upset, but like I’ve only been to the bar a couple times. The last two times it was for a birthday party. I’m just not happy with myself or anything. I don’t want to be depressed anymore. I don’t want to be getting any more ill. This on call basis is annoying too.

Society is looking for high quality people.
Many of us are victim of that.
So we don’t demand this from you.
We accept your depression and anxiety as it is.
welcome here.

I want to be much better and do better than I have been lately.