Walmart and everything’s wrong

So, I had to stop into Walmart after work today. Going my usual route through the parking lot, to my usual spot, I was stopped by the car in front of me. She had passed an empty parking spot and now wanted to back up so she could take it. I backed up as much as I could, but there were cars behind me. She kept coming backward towards my car so I honked. She kept backing up so I honked some more. She kept coming until then she went forward into a turn. But she was still too far forward to get the parking spot so she started to back up again! I honked some more and did back my car up the little space that was left. She parked and I drove on.
My adrenaline was making me shake and I was so angry. I purposely took my time before getting out of my car because I didn’t want to see her and start yelling.
I did my shopping angrily, not wanting anyone to look at me or get in my way. (I still smiled at idiots who couldn’t smile back) Finally I was done, drive home and put away the groceries and just started to cry. In my thoughts, everything now is wrong. I hate the ignorant people at Walmart and the entire surrounding area. I hate some of the stupid people at work. I hate living where I do, and even my marriage is in trouble… everything’s wrong.
Anyone else get set-off by one event?


It sounds like you had a bad experience but you handled it properly despite how much frustration it caused you. It was smart to calm down in the car.

I can get set off by events but usually it makes me more sad upeset than angry. And I admit, people unfortunately will never fail to piss you off by doing something stupid. People cause hurt on accident almost as much as on purpose. I try to deal with things the best way I can but retreat if I need to do so.

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Yes but it was more common for me when I wasn’t on an AP.

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Oh man, if I looked at all my problems at once I would implode. I just try to handle a few at a time. I HAVE to be in denial sometimes or my life would look extremely discouraging.


I guess I’m imploding a bit right now. I’m sick of everyone and everything… It takes such an effort just to stay here and go through the motions. Other people could do better but they don’t even try.
I’m glad you realize that denial is the key because it really is fruitless to put everything “on the table” when not much can be fixed. Don’t implode, @77nick77. You’ve got too much to give. :blush:

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I’m glad you don’t get this way, @Wave. It’s pretty bad and probably a waste of time besides.

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oh boy, do small events set me off? yessssss. small events send me into a downward or upward spiral of horrible decisions and bad life choices and regrettable statements. i have a really big problem with that.

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Thank you, @Futomimi. I guess I was kind of proud that I held myself in place to avoid any conflict.
Anger is my “go to” emotion. And my adrenaline gets so high that it takes awhile to stop the whole spinning-out.
I would never hurt anyone, but I just feel myself escalating inside my head, and that’s when I see the bad in everything and ultimately I crash emotionally and just start crying…

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I’m sorry, @korieve. I know how you feel. I’m so glad my husband is super patient when I get like this. Today was even better because he’s not home yet so I couldn’t just start ripping him apart and blaming him for stuff…
I just wanted to vent on here and know that I’m not the only one who gets this way. But I’m sorry that you do too and that it causes you grief. :heart:

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