Walking unaided

If I have to use the zimmer frame forever so be it. I see no shame in that. I wanted though to see how I could do unaided. Managed from by the kitchen sink to the living room entrance and back again.Not easy but I did it.


Be careful. What would have happened if you fell?


Good :+1:. Did you move into your new place yet? Wasn’t your daughter trying to help you get a place?

Here in the states there are assisted living homes that help elderly and disabled people.

Does using a zimmer frame put too much strain on your shoulders? Grandma was using one before she decided to try without (and fell) and she looked in pain…

Good point. Perhaps best done when someone else here.

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Still waiting. Was 1st in line for a 1st floor place with a lift that’s for 55+. Have now dropped to second.


I’m getting worse again. Having to use a cane. Afraid of ending up in a wheelchair.


I hope things can improve for you.


I’ve not noticed much strain there.

I guess I should take a walk today. Wait until tomorrow and I may feel like it? I can’t clean my apartment because my back goes out. Walking would help my back. I’ve been sedentary for too long, I may never get up. I’m deeply depressed.

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