Walking sensations

Hi everyone! I’m wondering if anyone has similar symptoms as me, and if so, if something has helped them. I get daily headaches. Burning prickling sensations. Internal vertigo: feeling off-balance. Floor sometimes feels like it drops underneath, like an elevator or an earthquake. And when walking, as if legs are heavy, as if walking on boat or trampoline. I don’t know if this is vestibular migraines and/or chronic subjective dizziness from my long-term anxiety. I’m afraid to go anywhere, because I’m afraid to walk because walking feels so uncomfortable and scary. I’ve been to drs, neurologists, psychiatrists. I’m wondering if anyone else has this constant off-balance sensation in the head, along with the walking sensations. If so, what has specifically helped it?

What meds are you on? Could be a weird side effect. Change may help but not sure and glad you’ve had the usual checked out. I’d be worrying about blood pressure and other things for sure.

This started before I was on any medications. Right now I’m on small doses of depakote and propranalol. For the daily headaches. I have a bunch of meds that I’ve accumulated in my year of going to drs. Trying to decide if there’s something else I can take to ease this particular problem.

If your on nothing else and your blood pressure and heart signs are good I’d try dropping a med. I’m no frigging expert. I’m just a dude on the net but such things may be a result of meds…seems a reasonable assumption with what you’ve described. Still. Do it under supervision. Stopping psych meds can be very damaging.