Walking Dead TV Show

Does anybody watch that show? I am just catching up on episode 2 of season 6. Darn good show.

I stopped watching it after the second season. Good show, but I couldn’t handle the unrelenting negativity and gloom. I have enough of that inside my head without inviting more in. I’m not one for comedies, but a cheesy action movie with bright moments suits my needs better.


I know how you feel. When I was in psychosis all I could watch is cartoons. All the other stuff scared me too much. :smile:

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I love the walking dead! I watched season 6 episode 2 also!i can’t wait for episode 3.very eager! I was surprised the zombies that heard the sound from the trucks horn didn’t make it to the gates of alexandria yet!all he’ll is gonna break loose i’m sure!they may have to leave alexandria!i don’t know why Morgan was hesitating to kill those guys that attacked them!its kill or be killed

So there is a new season?

Last I saw they were in this secure village.

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