Walked to the bank in pyjamas

I walked to the bank in my lounge wear/ pyjamas and my mom got agitated by that. Anyway I went to the bank to deposit $250.00 cash and used the bank machine. This is the first time I’ve used a bank machine in almost 7 years. I was expecting to put the money in an envelope enter the amount and then put the envelope into the machine. Now the machine takes the stack of bills, scans the bills individually and then tells you how much you deposited. It said on the screen I could even put a cheque in with the bills and it would read the cheque too. It takes up to 90 items at a time. Im amazed. Anyway when I got home my mom told me never to walk out of the house in my pyjamas again.


That’s too funny. My buddy gave me s*** for coming to one of his gigs in my flannel pants. They’re loungewear, but they do look like PJs too

I found that pretty freaky at the bank machine too. I have had them count my bills, and also read my check correctly. How they pulled off that one, I’ll never understand. There’s such differences in handwriting, you would think it would be impossible to read

Yeah these are flannel plaid tartan kind of lounge pants and kind of a grey longsleeve undershirt. Nobody looked twice at me while I was walking.

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I’m fine with it. It’s so much more common now most people don’t look twice

I live in toronto, guys are walking down the street with their pants down and their underwear showing, girls butts and boobs are hanging out of their short clothes, different ethnicities are wearing their distinctive styles, old people are wearing clothes they bought 30 years ago, etc. I didn’t even think twice about going out in it.

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There you go. Now tell me more about these butts and boobs LOL


Yeah, they’re amazing nowadays. Last week my ATM fixed me a steak dinner and gave me a shave.


Haha i often go down the local corner shop in my slippers. And then i strangly wonder why the school kids are laughing at me. And as i never get dressed cos i dont go out, my pajamas are usually under the trousers when i goto the chemist.

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tight and wild spandex is my favorite, it’s okay though, I’ve got nice legs.
even gone to an interview in them.


Lol, in your PJs

I went to the bank in my pajamas once, but it wasn’t intentional.

I was going through the bank machine drive thru but it was out of order, I was in the car, in my pajamas and decided to just go into the bank and use the bank machine instead of driving home and changing,

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