Walk to the Pdoc

No car? No problem.
I will walk the 3 miles to her office.
Pretty cool huh? I will do this to prove
That MS will not stop me because sz didn’t
Either. I will prove ALL the doctors wrong
About me because they don’t understand
The power of God and the human spirit !


3 miles is quite far. You will need to walk 6 miles in total (to and fro).

All the best!

Have you read about stem cells and MS?

gosh, I hope you are o k after walking in the summer heat and sun? please let us know how you are now?

It was cool today’s we with a steady breeze or I wouldn’t have tried it.
The walk was on residential streets and map my walk said it was 3.5 miles.
My husband picked me up afterwards.

I talked to my doctor about work and I’m going to give them 3 weeks notice. 17 years is long enough after my first 15 year career.
They didn’t even call about my car so I’m taking a week off for them to fix it.

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How old are you and what will you do to stay productive? I volunteer a lot and wish I could get let alone hold a job down!

I’m 57 but my doctor just said I’m amazing as people with less symptoms than me dont work.

I had my first break at 18 but my Mom found me a lab job 2 weeks later so congradulate her. It was all swept under the rug and hid.

I wish I could bottle how I’ve done it and give it away to everyone. I just had my dreams and I wasn’t going to let stupid sz stop me although it was very hard.

Part of it is determination to make a better life for our son who was conceived when I thought my sordid past was behind me. He had to see a lot a kid shouldn’t have to deal with.

So was it guilt, determination, fear, sorry I really don’t know.

I had a job for a day when I first became Ill! I couldn’t hold it as I thought the people who walked past were going to rob the place! The voices where making me parronoid…

I think you shouldn’t write yourself off at 57. If I could I’d work into my 90s even if only in a voluntary capacity!

I guess that’s what happens when you volunteer at a volunteer centre :smile: