Walk Away 101010

I guess that’s how the old times come back
A face from the past and an empty glass
I guess that’s how you brighten a cloudy day
Turn down that drink and walk away

It’s been so long since I’ve seen you
It’s been so long since I’ve dared
It’s been so long since I’ve heard how you were
It’s been so long since I’ve cared

I guess that’s how you keep your friends
And maybe that’s how you meet new ones
As a matter of fact that’s how you met me
But I turned down that drink and walked away


You need to make friends who don’t drink. We do exist, you know.

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I love alcohol but it’s just not good for me…

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Alcohol was the one substance that I just had absolutely no control over.

Not only did it make me lose insight, it made me really psychotic.

Mind numbing so you don’t realize it.

When I quit drinking my sanity really came back a lot.

Not only all that but I was powerless over it.

I at least have some control of other things I tried.

Maybe some szs can handle a bit of alcohol but that’s not me.

I don’t think it’s good for the liver.

My Psych doctor I’ve told him I’m an alcoholic on countless Occasions but he insists “you can drink 1-2 max”. Or often says “as long as you limit yourself to one-two beers…”. Or “you don’t wanna become an alcoholic!” He once said.

I like alcohol (or used to a bit) but now it makes me sick


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