Waking up in this place

Everytime i open my eyes i wail.

I hate this place and this body and this stupid shitty life.

I hate waking up. I hate living. I hate the earth, the entire earth.

So what’s the options huh. Hanging, thats ■■■■■■■ nice isn’t it, cut meself open and bleed? Go for the overdose maybe, that could be even worse than i started.

Not great this place. This ■■■■■■■ cursed biological shithole of pain.

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Do you have a pdoc? Have you tried sz meds? They could certainly change your outlook on life.

I felt the same way… But i was watching my fav old cartoons (justice league) and Luther will confess several times that every thing he does is to piss superman off …like paying 75 mill for a fake presidential campaign…and make a large device that has a trace of kryptonite and looks like a boom but its really a device that runs electricity for the ppl living in poverty…he also hack the watch tower ray gun and shot it in a suburban era…just to turn every one against superman…and he convince brainact to not only seek ultimat knowledge but to see what happens at the end off everything since he was immortal brainact wanted knowledge and to destroy everything but lex convince him to see it all the way throw…this helped me realize that the vocies i hear are fing lying dirtbags with no life and super retarted like bizzarro…so now im focuseing on getting in shap and working on my social life and put the idea that i am immortal in my head like god like…

It’s not that bad it’s mostly just the people. And I’m a believer in working out so if some dickhead talks poop you can straighten him out