Waking up hyper

So I woke up around 1am then rolled around all night. I had so much energy I felt like drank a pot of coffee. This happens every once in a while. Does anyone else get like this? I have days where I am super hyper and days where I stay in bed most of the day. No in between

Sounds a lot like me too. Usually when I get hypomania it comes in night time. And most mornings I struggle to get up out of bed. Unfortunately the low days are much more than high days. But it could also be my negative symptoms as well

I kept getting up out of bed starting at 5:30. Get up to pee, lay back down. Get some water. Lay back down

When I was on ablilify I always felt high strung high energy boost every time I woke up. Now I wake up kinda groggy but at least latuda is sedating enough I sleep through most the night sometimes.

I never have any energy not even when I drink coffee all day.

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