Waking up, good morning

Slept well last night, now took meds, drinking coffee … moonlight shadow …


Good morning @mjseu!

I miss your fluffy hat pictures. :grinning:

It has not been so cold here now, typically we have below -20 C in January, but now it has been warmer. Now I have been wearing a hat my sz aunt sent me 10 years ago from Sweden.

Sleeping is so important, my mind is doing so much better after a good night sleep, ‘olisi kuin olisi ollut lataamossa’ :smile:

Picture request!

It is just an ordinary woolly hat, nothing special

Good morning MJ,!! I have just finished taking milk Tea …!!!:slight_smile:

aw, big letdown…slowly slinking off the stage and out the side door…

Sometimes I can just be amazed how much time has passed, it is already 2017, where was I in March 1987, 30 years ago, yep in Moscow, I need to exercise more …

30 years ago I had just gotten married and moved out of my parents house…oh how time flies.

My sister studied in Moscow in 1987, I visited her, I was on the Red Square and then there was a Soviet Olga, my sister said it was a custom to hold hands, but I did not do so with Olga, later many years after Olga was in Italy as I heard, the time has passed .